Thursday, April 15, 2010


I have had lengthy discussions with friends as to the meaning of success.

One of those conversations took place in a little Mexican restaurant about 25 years ago and a margarita or two may have been involved. We debated the definition of success as he insisted it all came down to one thing: wealth. Not necessarily the vast fortune of a millionaire, but substantial income for whatever work one was employed in.

I insisted that happiness was the gold standard indicator of true success. As long as someone was happy with their lot in life it could be said that they were indeed successful. Is the school custodian who loves his low stress position, sweeping floors and making the school children laugh at his hilarious jokes, any less successful than the CEO of XYZ Corporation that receives a 10 digit paycheck but lives a joyless existence?

I have come to the conclusion that success indeed has a definition as unique to each individual. I still hold near the belief that it has everything to do with being happy and content with who you are and finding satisfaction in what you do.

I have been a cashier, a waitress, an advertising manager, a video producer, a real estate agent and at long last, a jewelry designer.

I have earned high wages, I have worked long hours, I have received awards and accolades, I have been insulted by drunks ordering tacos at 2:30 in the morning. I have achieved and I have failed many times over.

I have always dreamed of exhibiting at a local art show called "Westacres Artist Market". After attending the art fair for 30 years, my dream has come true. It may be a small dream, but it's my dream and I am thrilled because..."in my heart and soul I have always been an artist".

What is your definition of success?

Photograph note: a close-up of one of my I LOVE Michigan bracelets.

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